a call to action

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We fear our highest possibility (as well as our lowest one). We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments - Abraham Maslow


​​There is a trend towards mediocrity in the way people are being conditioned to live their lives in modern societies.  Some of us are aware of this, others are still blissfully ignorant - yet even those few of us who are aware many of us still lack the forum and resources necessary to enact lasting change.  We could all benefit from a physical, mental and spiritual overhaul to better harmonise ourselves with life and equip us to prevail against the challenges of the future.


It’s not too late for you or any of us to begin the change so long as we commit to taking action....Our constant strive towards functional perfection and self-mastery is borne from a state of mind.  Change will not happen over night.  We are talking incremental gains here.  We firmly believe you can develop this state of mind alongside the reincarnation of your physical, mental and spiritual self. 

We are talking about a rebellion against mediocrity - the desire, indeed, the need to achieve ones full potential, to live a life without regret. Everything about us and our nature is designed for the opposite purpose of where most of us find ourselves.  Do we all really choose to live a mediocre existence?

I am a former elite military officer and now a successful business leader in the technology industry. As an extreme adventurer, endurance athlete and high performance specialist I have faced and conquered situations of extreme adversity; from the unique challenges of combat leadership to planning and leading extreme adventures to highly pressurised business environments.  I am obsessed about sharing these lessons and those of others so that together truly achieve our potential.  


​The medicine I’m going to recommend is extracted from the top 0.1 % of people across all industries, vocations and ages.  We will seek to share and adopt the learnings of the best of those who have come before us so that we can redefine how we live our lives now.  I hope this will be our community to do so.