punishment fitness

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"Effort and pain may not be avoided.  Physical and psychological breakdowns occur.  The support of a like-minded group, dedicated to the Art of Suffering, provides a safety net.  An individual will push harder and risk more in the company of trustworthy peers..." Mark Twight 

What it is


The Punishment Fitness system is built around bodyweight training in all it's forms.  This means you don’t need a gym or any specialist equipment – you can achieve everything outside, or in a hotel room or a garage or a parking lot…this means you have no excuses for not getting into the best physical and mental shape of your life.

Punishment Fitness is a community of like-minded, self-motivated people dedicated to the continuous improvement and cultivation of their physical and mental state.  We employ a strict yet inclusive ethos that is centred on personal and group accountability. 


We believe that incentives dictate behaviour and that appearance is a consequence of fitness, not the other way round. 

Despite the challenges of modern living Punishment Fitness proves that if you want to reach complete physical development, you need only comply with the following two principles:


  1. Dedicate a sufficient amount of time daily to cultivate the body.

  2. Optimally manage that time allocation in order to not do anything wasteful.

How it works


The Punishment Fitness training system is designed in such a way that even the busiest, most time poor person can still participate fully at a time and place of their choosing and get all the benefits of the system.  You can choose to train as an individual or as part of a community, be it your own social group or others'.  Throughout it all you can choose to participate in your own competitions and challenges or join those set by others - it's entirely up to you.  The emphasis is on action not procrastination.   Start now.

Why it works


People are naturally lazy and pre-disposed to make excuses and rationalisations for not doing what they know will make them better.  Punishment Fitness overcomes this by making you accountable to yourself and others at all times.   Punish the body to perfect the soul. The Punishment Fitness system combines the self re-enforcing power of behavioural incentives and individual or group based competitions to ensure that you hit peak performance and potential, and then stay there .  The positive effects of social accountability, a clear incentive based scoring system and continuous data based reporting allows everyone to track and improve their performance over time whilst still feeling that you are contributing to something greater than yourself.