Extreme Adaptation

We must embrace change rather than try and minimise our exposure to it.  The illusion of the permanence of things and the comfort of routine are crutches we should rely on only fleetingly to help us orient in the world.  The world we live in today has never been so disruptive and fast changing so if we are to succeed and prosper now and in the future we must cultivate and extremely adaptive mindset and apply this to every facet of our lives.

Cultivate a philosophy of extreme adaptation to future-proof yourself

To help our community become future-proof we strive to provide a continuous learning environment where we can share content, strategies and techniques that the most effective people across all industries and times have learned and cultivated.

Some guiding thoughts around what it means to become extremely adaptive:

1.  Regardless of the choices and the path you choose do not promote deterioration – do no harm


A philosophy of extreme adaptation which incorporates all of the tools, techniques and actions necessary to enact personal change should not deteriorate your physical or mental being.

2.  Stimulate an environment of flexibility and adaptability

Extreme adaptation should not just allow for flexibility and adaptability to life, but also vigorously stimulate it.

3.  Constantly fortify and prepare against extreme economic, geo-political and natural events

4.  Reduce the likelihood of your own obsolescence

A future-proof person should be able to adapt, survive and thrive in a VUCA world.