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Kit Kyte is a former elite military officer in the Gurkhas and a highly successful business leader in the technology industry.  


As an extreme adventurer, ultra distance endurance athlete and high performance specialist, Kit has faced and conquered situations of extreme adversity; from the unique challenges of combat leadership in war zones and participating in extreme events to highly pressurised business environments. 


He is a leadership and transformational change expert dedicated to building communities and helping others to live their fullest and most expressed version of themselves. 


The world we live in is being profoundly and permanently changed by the exponential growth of technology – in a complex, volatile and fast moving environment we need to learn how exist in a constant state of adaptation and self-reorganisation in order to prosper.  


Kit uses his and others' hard-earned lessons from the battlefield, the boardroom and the frontiers of human experience to show you how an action based system focused on accountability, ownership and self-innovation can transform your life.  

So if you are motivated to achieve high performance, high fulfilment and purpose for your life then The Human Experience is your vehicle for change.